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      Sustainable Development

      Environmental Protection:

      The company is committed to a definite environmental misson: Clean, Green and Healthy.

      To avoid environment pollution, the company chose the most advanced technology and equipment in the world, and at the same time the environment facilities are constructed according to the highest international standards, which guarantees processing efficiently and environment control. All released waste is controlled below the goverment environmental requirements. The produced stainless steel products comply with the standards, such as ROHS, SONY SS-00259. To further improve environment friendliness, the company cooperates with its suppliers to encourage the use of more recycled material to be used in its products.

      As a mostly long life recyclable, stainless steel is being used more often to replace other metal products, such as nickel-coated metal. The company is the first in the world to promote environmental friendly stainless steel made from recycled material into the consumable electronics products, which greatly supports the recycleable economy.